Still playing Skyrim...




Elder Scrolls has always rocked, and um - OMG I can't stop playing Skyrim.  But I think you need to issue a patch to the game that has this young lady singing the theme song, because to be quite honest it's more awesome than the version you have in the game.  That is all.  I will now go back to killing dragons and shouting at things.  (My website is so cool if you just mouse over that little icon of a movie clip and hover it will launch a cool video applet and play it for you. No seriously it will... I spent a lot of time making that happen, so do it!)  Or you could just click the link.  Old-school is cool sometimes too.


MMO Security - Greed



This is the third post in my series on MMO Security, and again it aims to bring attention to the methods used to take advantage of the masses.  My first story was about phishing, and how situational awareness can save you a lot of heartache.  While it's hard for those who do not dedicate time and energy into playing an MMO to understand the loss of digital intangible items, the average consumer on a good MMO plays forty (yes 40) hours per week.  That happens to be the same amount of time people work at a full-time job, and thus there is considerable emotional attachment to these intangible items.  That’s even before you start to realize the very tangible amounts of real world money they are worth.

What to do after an online service you use has been hacked


I should be posting the next in my series of MMO security stories, but I thought I would take a moment and peck this little blog out to help the masses of interweb users.  You can buy me a chi tea as a thank-you some time.

Most recently Steam was hacked and accounts were compromised, which kind of got me thinking about writing this very blog post for like the umpteenth time.  Like normal, I saw the news fill my feeds with all manor of people congratulating themselves on resetting their passwords on the Steam service as soon as they heard.  Okay, I guess if it makes you feel better that was a good move.  Now no one can use your account to buy and download a new game… but you missed the mark a little bit and this happens with so many people regardless of what service was hacked.  Be it a bank, an online game service, a social network, etc.  Let’s take a step back for a minute and review some glaring realities that you probably are overlooking in your panic stricken moment. 


MMO Security - A Phishing Story



This is the second in my series on MMO Gaming and Security.  The first post can be found within the Security Blogs on  

My time making MMO games, securing them, and the future.

UO Dragon Addition

People who have read my bio or that have seen my LinkedIn page know I worked at Electronic Arts (EA) for a very long time.  But I kind of don't go into a lot of what I did there, and some of that is for good reason.  But I thought it would be fun to start talking a bit about MMO gaming and security, and in doing so I want to tell some fun war stories from back in the day.  To get to that point, I will start with sharing a story on how I came to EA, the game I worked on (hint, the logo is this blog's picture), and give a little taste of the future MMO/gaming security stories to come.  Who knows, maybe this ends up turning into a tell-all book on the early days of MMORPG.

Convenience Vs. Security in iOS 5 (fun pranks!)

iOS 5

A while ago I wrote a blog,iOS 5 final beta Review, where I not only gave out some features of iOS 5 but I also pointed out some fun pranks with some "features" I found handy in the new iOS.  Those being items added for convenience, and thus sacrificing some security.  (It's a constant paradigm to be honest.)  And to be fair to Apple, you have to take into account some level of common sense when designing a UI.  That is to say, you kind of expect people to know what they are doing when they make choices.  And Apple did pay attention to some of these features, I list them in my other blog post linked above, in that they restrict the access to the feature.  For example, the quick access to the camera doesn't give access to the photo roll, or allow you to transmit the images you just captured... well almost.  

Goodbye, Steve.

RIP Steve Jobs

For those that knew the man, he was stern and unyielding with a vision that demanded only excellence and little compromise.  For those that knew him, and those that did not, it's unmistakable that he has had a positive impact on the lives of so many.

Look around you right now, you may have several Apple appliances within arm's reach.  Your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac Book, or Apple //e maybe.  Now look around again, look at the people near you.  They too have some of these things.  Even if they don't support Apple's products, the ones they use were heavily influenced, if indirectly, by Steve's leadership.  But stop for a moment and look.

iOS 5 final beta Review

iOS 5

If you are looking for a complete list of all 200+ enhancements to iOS 5, this isn't the article for you.  If you want a quick review of some of the less documented features, and in some cases snarky things you can do with the phone because of them, then you are in the right place.  All-in-all, I really like the new iOS.  It is far more usable, has cleaned up features that were not polished or had issues, and it may be me but I think it is faster.  And now for the fun things...

Software and IT outsourcing, the risks to the United States and Europe.

Cart before Horse


There is an interesting article in The Diplomat that discusses some pro and con views on outsourcing software development, e.g. Outside the US and in their article they hint on outside of Europe as well.  In my blog I am going to review some of these points, some that were omitted from the article, and then circle back to both with the aspect of IT Outsourcing which was overlooked entierly by the proposed legislation and the article, and how sophomoric such an omission would be given the intent of said legislation.  


3D Printers, and the future of cybercrime

The Future

So the world is progressing, changing and as it gets better some things get worse.  Or, more correctly, as smart criminals acquire amazing new tools their crimes become more complex and easier for them to disguise.  Take this article for example, click here, from Krebs on Security.  In it the author, Brian Krebs (@briankrebs), expounds on his prior articles regarding ATM skimming with this fantastic story.

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