Convenience Vs. Security in iOS 5 (fun pranks!)

iOS 5

A while ago I wrote a blog,iOS 5 final beta Review, where I not only gave out some features of iOS 5 but I also pointed out some fun pranks with some "features" I found handy in the new iOS.  Those being items added for convenience, and thus sacrificing some security.  (It's a constant paradigm to be honest.)  And to be fair to Apple, you have to take into account some level of common sense when designing a UI.  That is to say, you kind of expect people to know what they are doing when they make choices.  And Apple did pay attention to some of these features, I list them in my other blog post linked above, in that they restrict the access to the feature.  For example, the quick access to the camera doesn't give access to the photo roll, or allow you to transmit the images you just captured... well almost.  

I didn't mention that if you had your iCloud setup to use Photo Stream those funny prank pictures could become quite public; very instantaneously actually.  (You can disable Photo Stream, so I didn't think it was all that important until I started seeing many people love that feature and turn it on.)  Special "non-granular annoyance points" go to the fact you can't delete specific images from Photo Stream, you have to delete the entire stored stream on iCloud. 

Then there is Siri, which while it may cause me to go buy a 4S just so I can use it, has a quite popular prank as well.  You can tell Siri what to call you when it needs to speak to you.  Most people might just use their name.  For all you megalomaniacs out there,  you could tell Siri to "Call me master."  And for all you pranksters out there, you could tell your friend's phone to call them "butt head" or whatever else you think is funny.  They probably won't notice until they are showing off infront of a group of people and their iPhone happily chirps back that it shall do as requested, and end it with "butt head."

You can sacrifice quick access and convenience by disabling Siri's bypass of the lock screen.  This, to me, seriously limits Siri's usefulness, but it might be a good idea to toggle this on/off depending on where you are and who you are with.  I trust my friends to take full advantage of this feature, so I shall be leaving this turned off assuming I get a 4S to play with it.

I also mentioned that you could still press and hold the home key and put the phone into voice activation mode. It's great for making calls with someone else's locked phone.  Siri does this too, she (?) just makes it a more interactive experience... and calls you "butt head."

Here is a non-phone-centric trick, well more accurately it is specific to the iPad 2.  There is a setting that allows the iPad to unlock when the Smart Cover is opened. It doesn't get you too far, just unlocks access to whatever application was the focus (e.g. being used) when the iPad went to sleep.  But if that was your email, twitter, facebook, or other personal application it could be annoying and something you didn't intend to happen.  Again, you can fix this by disabling the convenience and turning off the Smart Cover Unlocking feature.