ReadyNAS Syslog-er-nator


Earlier today I needed to get a syslog server going for a project I am working on currently.  I didn't want to build a new server, nor did I want to spin-up my unix server due to the crazy amount of power the thing uses.  (I mothballed it a while ago.)  So I though... "man, my ReadyNAS Pro should be able to do this."  But searching for an add-on for the ReadyNAS for syslog only turned up post-after-post on the ReadyNAS site with people begging for this feature.

There is a great syslog viewer for the ReadyNAS called phpLogCon that made this more of a treat, I cover this in the how-to linked in this blog, and that really made me want to use the ReadyNAS even more as my syslog server.

Seeing as NETGEAR allows you to enable root-level (file and operating system) ssh with an add-on, and they added apt-get to the system, it seemed like I would be able to get syslog-ng running.  (I suspect it is there already as you can use the ReadyNAS as a log server for NETGEAR firewalls... not that I use one, my purpose was to get my m0n0walls logging to syslog - and later I will be modifying the m0n0wall instances to add what I want to the syslog feed... but that's another blog.)  My how-to will give you all the pointers on this quick and easy setup, and you can customize the syslog settings anyway you like.

Check out my write-up on this in the Workshop area of my website, or use this direct link to the article.  Enjoy!

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