Xbox 360 3 red lights of death... how to fix it.

Okay, so this is as close as you are ever going to get to me telling anyone how to modify a game console. I happen to despise piracy, so I have no reason to go into my research in that area as the few people who work to stop that stuff all know me and we talk all the time. What I will talk about is how to fix some issues with the Xbox 360. First, if you are still under warrantee contact MicroSoft and send them your Xbox. No need to void the warrantee just because you are in a rush. Second, if you don't have patience or basic mechanical abilities I suggest going to the store and spending 199.99 on a new Xbox arcade and moving your drive and gear over to the new unit. Third, there isn't one really I just hate making lists of only two items. So why do the consoles have problems? Good question. Well, Microsoft decided that they would make the Xbox 360 VERY child safe... despite what you might think of some of the content. So they opted to have the entire machine made lead free. Yes... for those of you who are EEs out there you read that correctly. The solder in the Xbox lacks lead. (I guess the fear of children disassembling the Xbox 360 and then licking the tiny solder points about a million times a minute was crippling at Microsoft so they did something about it.) This is okay, for things that don't get as hot as an Xbox 360 or stay working for as long. (Everyone point to the guy you know who plays all weekend long and eats, sleeps (if even) and lives in front of their console this way.) The next thing they did was hold down the heat syncs on the CPU and GPU with a cool innovation called the "X-Clip." It's cool... but it doesn't keep an even force on the motherboard and this is where it causes problems when combined with the wrong kind of lead free solder. So, um FAIL! Basically what tends to happen is the solder gets hot, breaks down because it lacks that ever so important element of lead, and cracks. Cracks mean gaps, gaps are hard for those funny little electrons to jump across. When electrons can't move about electronic devices tend to fail. Kind of like unplugging a lamp and then pondering why it won't turn on. I know, crazy right?! So there is a trick to undoing this. If your Xbox 360 hasn't had this issue, go get a cooling fan unit and add it to your console to prolong its life. If your Xbox 360 is now sadly blinking the 3 red lights that surly mean it is dead, then you can try the following (it worked for me.) Fix your Xbox 360 is a great site and well worth the money. I am not going to walk you through his process as that would basically undermine his site... but I will give some extra pointers: 1.) You will probably have a hard time with the hardware guy when you ask for 5mm X 10mm screws. What you want are "M5-.80 X 10" screws. I can tell you from experience you can get longer (as much as 12mm, "M5-.80 X 12", and things will work just fine.) 2.) Nylon washers are not often sold in metric, so you will need #10 size... I have used 1/4" flat nylon washers and have been just fine. For reference, I used all "Hillman" washers and cap screws. I got them at Lowe's for something like $3.00. 3.) If you are like me and don't want to wait for the heat sync compound and cleaner he suggests, I say go to Fry's and get "Formula 5" which is a Silver Thermal Compound and their ArctiClean remover and purifier. I think this came to a whopping $13.00. Then follow his directions. Take the time to review the PDF and watch all the videos before you begin. Then follow along on with his videos as you do the job. It will take one hour, and you will be super happy. I also added a cooling fan just to make sure I can prolong my bad solder even more. And I picked up two new games. So basically I still spent less than a new Xbox 360, ended up with a unit that will run cooler and thus faster than a normal Xbox, and scored some new games! Woohooo! Now to spend the next 24 hours in front of the TV so you people have someone to point at when asked where the guy is who plays console games is.