Security... podcasts and why you should be listening.


People, just random ones on the street even, ask me "Hey Franc! Where can I go to get good information on and stay current with security?!" This is a good question, and while it would be even better if they asked "Hey Franc! How much money can I put in this wheelbarrow to get you to fix my problem." I am willing to help and give some information.  So here are a few suggestions, and hopefully this brings someone a few wheelbarrows full of money.


 Podcasts -


It's like getting a book on tape which you can listen to during your commute, while you work away on something else in your office, etc.  I am starting to consume these a lot more as I spend more time being an executive and less time being an engineer.  Did I mention... wheelbarrows of money?  Yes, yes I did.


Exotic Liability ( and @exoticliability I know both of these guys ( @indi303 and @lizborden )  First, they are true and real security practitioners.  (Do we call ourselves that, really?!) It's fast hitting, in a format much like a syndicated radio show with freeform DJ interaction with the guests and each other.  The dialogs are viral, the language is um... probably not safe for work, and out of them all this would make the best XM Radio show.  Personally, this podcast is the best use of my Apple TV II. (Not to confuse anyone, it's an audio podcast.)


InfoSec Daily Podcast (feed:// A bit funny, and out there at times, but hey... they keep you up to date with scene news and a bit of meat and potatoes (I love food analogies) behind the major news coverage of all things hacking.  Aka Anonymous, LuzSec, etc.  This too is an audio podcast.


HNN ( and @ThisIsHNN is one I watch every now and then, yes you read that correctly "watch."  It is a video podcast, but don't expect a lot of on the scene footage or eye candy.  It's mostly "Space Rogue" wearing sunglasses styling his short haircut in front of a green screen with Max Headroom style graphics in the background. It's "the voice of reason" from the underground itself.  So expect dripping sarcasm towards the mass media lemmings and sheeple.


Risky Business ( is the last security podcast I will point out in this blog. Why no more, honestly this is already several hours a week for you to listen to and it's all quality stuff.  First, great accent... second, it's audio.. and third, a good back and forth dialog and interactive (online) community that reviews both mainstream and scene news and gives a lot of good detailed background on who, what when and where.  If you find yourself lost in a conversation, somehow asking "huh?" too often etc., you might need to go, quite literally, download this information and consume it quickly.  



Twitter - 

It's not just for advertising to all your friends when you stop to get a $9.00 coffee.  It actually has a lot of good uses, like keeping up with security researchers and practitioners that post new blog updates, interact with one another regarding our field, and in some cases it's the public voice of some of the more underground in our community.  If you are one of those people who don't want / like / understand / need Twitter, no worries I have built a stream on this website in the Security Tweets section that has everyone listed in this blog as well as a number of other very good researchers.  For those using twitter, checkout my account at @franklyfranc and see who I have on my list:  @franklyfranc/h4x0ring-n1nja5 Don't forget to add me too... I spend far more time posting there and interacting with my friends and peers then I do writing blogs.

I have made it a bit easy in my blog by making the system show you the twitter feeds and account information for those I have listed above by simply hovering over them with your mouse.  Follow them all if you are actually interested in being better in this field. 


p.s. We do tend to still tweet about coffee, jujitsu, present nerd kaiku, and tell bad geek jokes normally involving AD&D references and scene humor.





in follow-up

Sadly, right after I wrote this (although well know to many but me) HNN went off the air, again.  This time not because L0pht went commercial and had to drop the show, but because Space Rogue has retired from doing the show.  Hopefully someone will pickup the project and bring it back to life, or something similar.  Who knows, I have some free time coming up so perhaps I might do it.  I better loose about twenty pounds because the camera adds ten I hear.  

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