Project: TouchDroid (HP Touchpad running Android)

HP TouchPad

Goal of project:

Find a use for the $100 touchpad I bought late at night when I should have been sleeping.  No thanks to @ini303 @sqweak and @mattjay for stoking the coals.  

  1. Get Android on TouchPad so it is quasi usable.
  2. Develop some quasi-nefarious thingamahoochie [sic] to do with it.
  3. $$$ Profit!

Extra points given if I can enlist Corey and Matt into this debacle.  


Important Links:  Great wiki on how to to get started. Pre Emulator wiki Link to Barnes and Noble's fire sale on the device for $101.00 (Assuming A. they still have some left. B. They are still in business.)

Amazing Google Docks overvie of a similar project... 

A forum dedicated to the work we are discussing in this writeup :


8/22/2011 - I ordered the touchpad and I am not going to tell my iPad because, afterall, what it doesn't know can't hurt it.

8/22/2011 - After placing the order near midnight, Barnes & Noble have informed me that their IMS is apparently not connected to their OE or AP systems, and they regret that while they took my order they have no units to sell.  The good news, @indi303 was smarter than the rest of us yet again and bought a cache of them and hopefully I can buy one from him! W00t!

8/25/2011 - Corey has several of these... unlike me he placed orders from several vendors in the hopes of getting one.  So I think I will take one off his hands if he lets me.

9/5/2011 - Have TouchPad (32GB) and am getting all excited to start.

9/5/2012 - Got back to this.  Wrote a full blog at NSS Labs (“touchdroid”-while-keeping-your-tou...) that gives step-by-step instructions to setup a multi-boot Android / HP webOS system.  So far there is pretty good support for Ice Cream Sandwich, and there is early development for Jelly Bean.  Will keep updating this with news on Jelly Bean and improvements (if any) to the current 4.0 version.



The following have been provided by Corey as he is the first to get his tablet.  


So so slow.  See tips below.  I haven't dared yet, but there is also overclocking.


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