Executive Team

Francisco Artes
Francisco Artes
Francisco has owned the ranch since 2018 and has converted it into a winery, event venue, wedding venue, and wildlife preserve. Home to over fifteen different exotic and sometimes functionally extinct species.
Percy the Père David's Deer
Percy is a bottle raised Père David's Deer and is the official Goodwill Ambassador for Valkyrie Ranch. His best friends are the mini horses, and he gives the very best "deer kisses." (Which are a lot log dog kisses, but with a lot more slobber.)
Goodwill Ambassador
Catherine Campbell
Catherine is a true animal whisperer. She owns and operates Cedar Creek Saddle Club here at Valkyrie Ranch, and she also befriends all the wild animals on the ranch. From the deer to alpacas, she has everyone eating out of her hand... literally.
Head of Equestrian Services & Animal Whisperer
Andy the Fallow Deer
Andy has been managing the Fallow breeding program for several years now with great success. He is super sweet, and very friendly. You have probably seen him in our TikTok videos and in a popular music video.
Head of Fallow Breeding Program

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Valkyrie Ranch is conveniently located just 45 minutes east of Austin, Texas and less than 2 hours west of Houston, Texas and northeast of San Antonio, Texas.

Not only are we the home of Thorin's Viking Brands (Mead) and The Texas Viking Festival We offer camping, romantic retreats in our beautiful cabins, horseback riding, photography, and education.

We also are a venue for events such as art festivals, weddings, receptions, corporate retreats, trail riding clubs, etc.

Check out our wedding site at Valkyrie Weddings

Come visit our 500 acres of peaceful and secluded property!