A labor of love. We raise several species of exotic animals ranging from those that are plentiful to those that are now extinct in the wild. Our conservation program works to supply these beautiful animals to zoos, release programs back to their native lands, and to other conservatories.

TTexas private ranches have been studying and conserving exotic animals since the early 1900s.

The private herds of exotic animals in Texas are so large that they have been used several times to help repopulate the native wild herds in the countries of origin of several species.

An exotic ranch, such as Valkyrie Ranch, affords the opportunity for year-round visitation and easy access to animals in natural habitats (free roaming) for our guests. Many of our permanent residents are no longer found in the wild, e.g., They are functionally extinct. Thus, the ranch provides a unique opportunity to see these animals outside of the exhibits of a zoo.

We offer safari-like tours, photography sessions, education classes to the public, and opportunities for ecological rehabilitation studies and research.

Our Exotics and Endangered Friends:

The following list are non-native (exotic) species that you can find living on the ranch. We are always adding to our herds, and adding new species. This is a labor of love, and is almost always personally financed. We do appreciate any assistance from the donation of animals, feed, time and help, or money to help sustain our echo restoration program.

Some of our success:

We have been successful in our breeding of Blue Wildebeests. Our herd started with only four animals and had now grown to nine in just two years. These beautiful, and somewhat funny, beasts can be seen running around the ranch and sometimes even in the woods. Unfortunately, the unprecedented winter storm in February of 2021 took the lives of six of our beloved wildebeests - to include our cows (females.)

Our Pére David's Deer are very special to us. We started with a single bull, named "Pierre." That is actually his handsome profile in the ranch logo / brand. He was then joined by three cows, and then two more cows... but we didn't get any babies! What we learned is that this species of deer require competition to breed successfully. So, we added Pascal, a slightly younger bull. For most of the year Pierre and Pascal are the best of pals! They wander the ranch and entertain everyone with their silly antics like juggling sticks in their antlers, following the caretakers and horses to mooch food, and walking around with flowers hanging from their antlers. But, during their breeding season in the early summer they yell at each other and chase each other all over as they fight over the ladies. Phineas was the first Pére David's Deer born on the ranch. He was joined by two new fawns in the spring of 2020, and we are hoping for many new babies this season.

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